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design services

We offer customized landscape design and drafting options. Our goal is to create a design with you in mind. We work with you to create the best design that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Contact us today for more details on how we can help you create your outdoor living area or simply improve your home's curb appeal. 

Gardening and landscaping can be very beneficial to you and the environment. Plants create a more relaxing atmosphere while making the air better for us to breathe. Why should you choose to have your landscape professionally designed and landscaped? It is our job to consider everything from form to function to inspiration, including color, seasonal interest, flow, materials, construction, etc. Landscape design is an exciting process, so let us help make it fun and enjoyable. 

"We love the landscaping job you did in our backyard. It was exactly the look we were hoping for. It was a pleasure working with you on this project." 

                                                         -Holtwood, PA

LANDSCAPE DESIGN is a way to create functionality with a touch of personal inspiration. There are no rules to follow, just suggested guidelines. When beginning the process, there are several things to consider:


What is the purpose for the design? Aesthetics? Getting from point A to point B? Relaxation? How will traffic flow through the area(s)? Are you trying to block or enhance any views?


What is your style? What is the style of your home's exterior? Curving lines and groupings tend to be associated with a more relaxed, informal setting, while straight lines are generally more formal. 


Are there any themes that you want to carry from inside your home?  Or from places you have visited?  Technology has given us the ability to view hundreds of projects from virtually anywhere.  Browsing through pictures is a great and easy way to gather some inspiration.


What type of materials do you want? Natural or manufactured concrete products?


Water and drainage (very important!), power lines, utilities, right-of-ways, etc. Some things can be changed, but generally these are fixed and need to be considered. 


Colors, textures, fragrance, seasonal interest, etc. are all an important part of creating the plant list. 

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