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"Your presentation was not overwhelming. You took our suggestions into consideration and showed us a simple plan-- Visual graphics and pictures were helpful. Thanks!"

                                                                        -Lancaster, PA


     We will set up a convenient time to meet with you, at no cost. We will walk the property or the area to be addressed and discuss what you would like to see happen. This is designed for you to tell us your thoughts and plans, including your ultimate long term goal(s). We will discuss how you see the area being used. For example, evening entertainment, morning coffee, midday relaxation, or simply aesthetics and/or curb appeal. We'll talk about details such as color, fragrance, texture and encourage you to tell us your likes and even dislikes! Our main goal at the initial consultation is to become familiar with your goals and talk about how we can best address a plan. 


     There are two things to consider. First is TIMELINE. Do you have a time frame in mind that you would like to see your project completed and is this realistic? Second is BUDGET. Have you set a budget for your project? We will help you through the process and discuss what you can expect. Keep in mind, any hardscape or landscape project is an investment to your property. We stand behind our work and believe in quality work done right, the first time. 


     When we have all the necessary dimensions and notes, we go to the drawing board. We discuss all options and determine the best way to complete your project. Sometimes it's necessary to have alternative solutions or material options. From the plan, we can formulate our pricing, proposal and drawings. 


     Once we have compiled our information, we will contact you to set up a second meeting where we will present our proposal and drawings*. Here, you have the opportunity to discuss any revisions that may be needed. We will work together to finalize a plan. (A third meeting may be necessary). All methods, schedules, materials, specifications, terms, etc. will be discussed at this time. 

*Drawings are no cost to you unless otherwise discussed. 


     When a job is accepted, it is put on the schedule. We keep in contact with you with any updates or information regarding your project. Unfortunately, our work is very weather dependent and we cannot control Mother Nature. Your understanding is appreciated! During installation of any project, hardscaping or landscaping, there are a few things to consider.

Noise- Many projects will require equipment and there may be noise from that equipment.

construction- Landscape and hardscape projects can be messy! Please consider your windows, doors, pools/ponds, vehicles and prepare them accordingly.

Pets- Be aware of your pets and their safety, as well as ours!

Parking- Our trucks, trailers and equipment consume space and can conflict with your schedule of leaving and arriving to your home. This should be considered prior to your start date.

Access- Some project areas are easier to get to than others. Any site remediation will be discussed ahead of time with you. 

permits- Please keep in mind different municipalities may have different requirements. Prior to starting, be sure to have any permits, if necessary, for your project.  

"We are so pleased with what you have done with our front yard. Thank you for listening to our concerns and supplying a lovely solution."

                                                                -Drumore, PA

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